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Ultimate Female Travel Packing List for Austin in Spring

Austin’s climate in the spring is perfect for just about any outdoor adventure. In February, the temp is around 65 – 75 Fahrenheit but can be much cooler in the mornings and evenings so layers are key! The city is a melting pot of people, flavors and flare from across Texas, L.A. New England, the Midwest, Mexico, etc. – truly making it a city of happy, laid-back individuals. From biking, hiking, food trucks, walking the city, UT, shopping, bar hopping in the sun, wineries, tacos, $1 mimosas, BBQ, crazy night life and great accents – springtime in Austin is fantastic and PERFECT for a girlfriends getaway!


(1 – 2) – skinnies can be worn w/ flats or in boots… a darker wash looks a bit more dressy for night and won’t show spills as easily! I wore the same jeans for four days (they keep their shape well)… if this grosses you out, bring 2 pairs

Basic t-shirts (3) – at least one black. T’s are great for layering in the TX spring, and can be dressed up at night

Cardigans (2) – again, for layering. I suggest black, wrinkle-free, ¾ sleeve (will match everything), and a more fun print/color

Casual button down shirt (1) – good to wear from day to a lower-key night. Also super cute with cowboy boots!

Nicer Blouse or “going out shirt” (1-2) – if you plan hit the nightlife scene. Overall, it is fine to be casual, but people do dress if going to dance clubs. Plus – tons of good-looking young professionals whose attention you may want to attract!

(1-2) – I suggest black and neutral, but depending on your wardrobe, just one may work. Pick support and comfort over sexy so they’ll work for any activity

Athletic pants – for biking/hiking – tons of people wear tight, black athletic pants around town during the day (including to outdoor bars, restaurants, etc)

Light Jacket

Panties, Socks, Pajamas


Cowboy boots – they serve multiple purposes and acceptable everywhere from checking out the city during the day to hitting the bar scene. Wear these on the plane as to not take up tons of room in your suitcase

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