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TripAdvisor identifies US travel trends

NEWTON, MASS, 24 April 2014: TripAdvisor announced, Wednesday, the results of the third instalment of TripBarometre, the world’s largest accommodation and traveller survey¹.

This bi-annual study, conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor, by independent research firm Ipsos, highlights country, regional and global travel trends, according to more than 60, 000 travellers and hoteliers around the world, including more than 10, 000 US respondents.

Revealing changes in consumer spending and worldwide travel patterns, TripBarometre also reports behavioural differences in booking habits.

The US ranked #6 among the top 10 countries expected to spend the most on trips in 2014. The complete global Top 10 travel spend rankings year-over-year are below:Study highlights:

67% of US travellers are planning to travel internationally in 2014 (up from 53% in 2013)

The average US traveller budget is US$8, 272 this year, up slightly from US$8, 202 in 2013. This compares favourably to the average global traveller budget of US$6, 136, which was also up from last year (US$5, 955 in 2013.)

94% of US respondents say their choice of trip is influenced by the availability of a good deal or special offer. In fact, the majority of US respondents say that “price” (97%) and “special offers” (47%) are important decision-making factors when booking their accommodation.

22% of US respondents reported that currency fluctuations – the strength of the dollar relative to other currencies – would impact on their travel plans. Of those travelers who said currency fluctuations would impact them, 58% said they would be more diligent in their travel research to find the best price.

In contrast, hoteliers around the world are placing higher importance on online reviews rather than price to influence travellers’ booking decisions. According to the survey, 64% of hoteliers believe that online reviews have the biggest impact when travellers book accommodations, followed by price (50%) and recommendations from friends and family (45%).

When asked about their dream destinations, Italy, Australia and Ireland ranked as the top three hot spots for US travellers.

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