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Business Tourism in the Philippines

Posted on March 1, 2014 – 08:33 am

Manila, Luzon



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Mabuhay, welcome in the Philippines!

The more tourists, the better!

Tropical countries like the Philippines are in many ways attractive for tourists. On the other hand tourists are attractive for a country as the Philippines!

For the national government tourists are welcome, because they bring money to the country. Some of that money will go as tax to the national government. Many Philippine businesses, small or big, offer their services to the tourists.

A big part of the money that tourists will spend during their stay, will go to these businesses. Last but not least, tourists in the country will bring a lot of possibilities for jobs. Because the total employment in the industrial sector of the Philippine's economy is still moderate, the tourist sector is extra important for creating possibilities to have employment for many families. Tourists, Mabuhay!

Tourism, easy to develop?

Most of the attractions for tourists, are already there!

Tropical countries like the Philippines, with a lot of small islands, have a lot to offer to tourists without the need of huge sums of investments. Many attractions for tourists are in the country without any investment. The splendid natural environment, the tropical sea, the beaches and more inland the mountainous areas, it's all there. No investments are needed!

Habitations, especially the more traditional settlements, the culture habits, are also very attractive for tourists. These attractions too, are almost free of investments.

Picture Landscape: © Marco Luijten

Necessary investments in the basic infrastructure!

To stimulate the tourism, investments are needed in the infrastructure. Especially facilities are needed in the ports where the arrivals of the tourists are. In the specific tourist locations the water and electricity supply should be sufficient. Of course the accommodations in the places where the tourists want to stay, have to be adjusted to the wishes of the different tourists. All these facilities should be developed in a sufficient way.

Picture T'boli woman: © JF Vibert

Developing the industrial sector is more difficult than tourism!

Developing the tourist sector is easier than developing the industrial sector. Enormous investments are needed to attract foreign companies and develop the basic infrastructure for the fabrics. Especially investments are needed to have good accessible ports, power stations, communication infrastructure and industrial zones.

Tourism needs far less investments.

Picture Bamboo House: ©

More and more tourists come to Asia

The numbers of tourists to Pacific Asia has grown enormous during the last twenty years. One important reason is the decrease of the flight time. Nowadays it is possible to reach the other side of the globe within 13 hours !

The Philippines by air; distances and flight time, 2003

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