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Checklist for International business Travel

Checklist For Going On A Trip

There are two types of trips I take. One entails me leaving Sara and Austin (my Golden Retriever) at home.

When I leave and come back from a work trip, I have a routine that usually involves opening all the mail (Sara only opens stuff if she’s particularly interested), emptying my suitcase, sorting dirty laundry and identifying what I need to get done in the next day. The most important thing for me to do is to get out of “travel mode” and back into “home mode.”

When I have back to back trips that keep me home for less than a day, it involves errand after errand and me trying to include Sara and Austin so I can be with my family. We all have our routines when we come back. I enjoy sitting on the couch with Sara and watching something on TV…it starts my routine at home. Coming back is always a treat, but my routine when I leave is much different when headed out alone versus when Sara comes with me.

sara_and_austinSolo departures for me include packing, making sure bills are paid, errands are done and a proper goodbye to my family. I don’t turn off appliances, unplug surge protectors, or prepare our home for any change; Sara and Austin are there.

When we travel together for more than a day or two I use a checklist that has been cobbled together after many trips and forgetting to do a few things. Keep in mind, this is for a couple with no children and a 70 pound dog (Maybe the preparations for a child aren’t too far off from a dog) … but if you have any additions to things that you do when preparing to leave your home, please share in the comments. The first couple of things I do a few days before we leave:

  1. Don’t order anything online 2-3 days prior to departure (unless it is arriving overnight).
  2. Plan meals around what is in the fridge/on the counter.
  3. Drop off/pick up dry cleaning.
  4. Make sure Austin is confirmed to stay with our friend.
  5. Let neighbors and two friends know we’re out of town and where we’re going. Also make sure at least one of them has keys to our house.
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