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Business Tourism Solutions LTD

Business Tourism Solutions Products and Services for Hospitality

We provide a range of services focused on providing pragmatic solutions that have a real and positive business impact. Our suite of services enables clients to define where they want to go and how they want to get there.

Our range of services includes:

Our Products

We pride ourselves on being insightful and accomplished business practitioners, understanding the needs and tensions of growing and expanding businesses - working as an integral part of these businesses.

We underpin this with our core product portfolio to generate results.

Business Pointer

Business Pointer is a Branding, Marketing and Sales toolkit structured around, but not limited to, 4 products.Each is a business development tool in its own right and directed at encouraging management to re-think, plan and change the way they operate. Offering practical guidance and support to owners and managers about how to develop and strengthen their business. The Business Pointer Process is always tailored to client’s needs. And our Business Pointer team and client would agree where the greatest need for help and support is. So you might pick just one of the Pointer tools.

Hotel Benchmarking


Grow your hotel revenue by optimising your rates based on the price sensitivity of your business. Perform allows accommodation providers to accurately optimise room rate and improve revenue and profits without the need to change existing business practices. Perform is a sustainable competitive advantage model developed for clients by BTS. It’s a 3-step approach pricing, forecasting and optimisation solution that enables hotel and accommodation providers to understand, anticipate and react to consumer behaviour in order to optimise revenue and profits

Espresso Mail

Espresso Mail is our online email marketing solution devloped specifically for hospitality and tourism businesseses. It enables you to send out personalised html email marketing newsletters to new and existing clients. Your existing customers already know who you are – so why not show them what you’ve got? Espresso Mail is our simple easy to use web based system that gives you full control of email contacts, sending email newsletter campaigns and tracking who has opened and read your marketing messages.

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