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Traveling for business? These are the apps to install on your iPhone or iPad

Travel is high-tech - especially for business travellers who need to stay in touch with the office and keep communications secure.

An iPhone or iPad can be a handy tool to finding your way around an unfamiliar city, but now it can also be used to check in at your hotel - as our feature about hotel tech in this month's issue of PC Pro reveals.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, these are the ten apps to download before your next business trip.

CityMapper (free)

TripItThere are many apps that offer maps, directions and public transport, but CityMapper offers them all in one place. Enter a starting point (or let the app use your location at the time) and a destination and it does the rest.

Suggested journey options are shown with estimated time and cost, including taxi, train, tube, bus, cycle and the quickest of all - catapult (really - one minute from Kings Cross to the Science Museum is fast).

That humour is wonderful, but so is the usefulness of this app: weather at destination is shown alongside calories burned. Tap a point on your route list, a station for example, and current departure times are shown along with any disruptions.

It offers serious A-to-B planning with real-time bus, train and tube info.Expenses Magic CityMapper even includes cycle hire details and taxi price comparisons, and you can even check in with Foursquare or email directions to a colleague. Not bad for a free app.

TripIt (free)

The best ideas are usually the simple ones, and they don't come much simpler than TripIt: automatically convert your travel booking confirmation emails into an itinerary (synced with your calendar) that stays with you wherever you are.

The app is free, although you can remove the rather large (for the available screen estate) adverts by paying 69p. A rather larger investment upgrades to the also ad-free TripIt Pro, which brings flight status (delays or cancellations, for example) and loyalty scheme points tracking into the mix - but not everyone will think the yearly £34.99 subscription good value for this added functionality.

ExpenseMagic (free)

If you travel on business then chances are you have an expenses account, which usually means collecting receipts and fiddling around with a spreadsheet when you get back to the office.

This extremely clever free app turns your receipts into a report automatically - well, it does involve a bit of user intervention but the paperwork hassle is largely removed. Simply take a photo of your receipt with your iPhone, press the upload button, and let the ExpenseMagic book-keeping team enter the details for you and send you a monthly report. Five minutes work in your hotel room at the end of the day and you are done.

It makes assigning expenses to specific projects, customers, and types easy with custom tags, and you can even attribute them to calendar events. And all this for free? Well, not quite. The app itself is free, but the book-keeper service costs £9.99 per month or £49.99 a year.

However, if you don't mind entering the receipt details manually (which still only takes a few seconds per item) then you get your monthly report without any subscription required.

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