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Business Tourism University

Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure and Event Management)

Anne MuellerStudents gain broad business management skills, knowledge and valuable insights into tourism and event management, sustainability, technology, innovation, policy, planning and special interests, consumer needs and motivations, the conceptualising, developing and delivery of interesting, innovative tourism, event and leisure experiences.

The program is designed to provide opportunities for practical experience, analysis and evaluation using industry links, existing and evolving theoretical frameworks.

Career opportunities

Accommodation/destination management; marketing; festivals/sporting events; attraction/leisure/conference management; research; policy; hospitality.


Australian Tourism Research Institute; Pacific Area Travel Association; Ecotourism Association of Australia; Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education.

Program requirements

In order to graduate you must:

  • Complete 8 required introductory (100 coded) courses.
  • Complete 8 required advanced (200/300 coded) courses.
  • Complete 8 elective courses, 6 must be advanced (200/300 coded) courses.
  • (Optional) Use electives to complete a minor (4 courses) to supplement the required major.
  • Complete no more than 10 introductory (100 coded) courses, including the core course.
  • Complete no more than 6 courses from the Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering.
Program notes
  • Completing this program within the specified (full-time) duration is based on studying 48 unit points per semester (normally 4 courses).
  • Courses within this program are assessed using a variety of assessment methods including essays, seminar presentations, reports, in-class tests and examinations. Not all courses will necessarily include all methods.
  • Only a full-time study option is available to international students on a Student Visa.
Introductory courses (8)

Vicki CunninghamBUS101 Business Analytics
BUS102 Introduction to Economics
BUS104 Management and Organisational Behaviour
BUS105 Introduction to Marketing
BUS106 Accounting for Business
BUS108 Introduction to Informatics
COR109 Communication and Thought
TSM102 Introduction to Tourism, Leisure and Events

Advanced courses (8)

BUS203 Business Law and Ethics
BUS320 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
TSM211 Tourism, Leisure and Special Interests
TSM221 Tourism and Leisure Policy and Planning
TSM223 Sustainable Tourism, Leisure and Event Management
TSM313 Technology and Innovation in Tourism, Leisure and Events
TSM314 Event Management
TSM315 Business Events

Elective courses (8)

Six electives must be advanced (200/300 coded) courses. Two electives must be from the School of Business while the remaining 6 electives can be from either faculty (Arts and Business or Science, Health, Education and Engineering).

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