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How To Pack Light For A Business Trip

This is a sponsored post by my friends over at Blue Claw Company – Quality American made luggage that I use and stand behind – Antonio, Founder RMRS

Business travel combines two irritatingly contradictory goals: the need to travel light and the need to wear some of the bulkiest items of men’s clothing.

Experienced travelers will know the danger of checked luggage, and understand the vital necessity of getting everything into a carry-on bag. It’s the only way to reach your destination 100% confident that you’ll have the clothes you need the next day.

So how do the experts do it?

We have a few secrets for you.

Step One: Own the Right Bag

When we talk about packing light, we’re talking about carry-on luggage.

If you have the luxury (or necessity) of checking a bag, the game changes a little. At that point you can use either a full-size hanger bag with room for several suits and shirts or an upright suitcase.

But if you want to get it all into one bag, you’re going to have to choose carefully.

Bag Dimensions

You want as large a bag as you can get without risking airline limits. Because not all airlines have the same policies, a bag that’s advertised as “carry-on acceptable!” by a luggage company could work for many flights — and then leave you in the lurch on an international flight, or a transfer to a stingier airline.

Currently, a bag that is 22″ x 13″ x 9″ will meet all major airline’s carry-on maximum limits. This is always subject to change! Always look up major airlines’ current standards before buying new luggage.

Many airlines are slightly more generous than that; most American companies (as in “from the United States of America, ” not as in “owned by American Airlines”) will allow 24″ x 16′ by 10″. But you want one bag that works for all purposes, so go ahead and get one that meets the slightly smaller European standards as well.

Bag Style

The most common carry-on style is a small rolling suitcase with stiff rectangular sides. It’s essentially a scaled-down suitcase and it works just fine.

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