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TMG Corporate our History as a Business Travel Agent

Even in a business as dynamic as the travel industry the story of TMG Corporate's success is the envy of its rivals. Established in 1986, the company has grown to the point where it enjoys PLC status with business travel offices located throughout the UK with annual billings approaching £30 million and 60 staff.

Our success has been built on the policy of offering our many clients a cost effective, efficient and reliable and pushing forward travel management boundaries with a commitment to customer service that is second to none.

Our core client base is very much the SME market, partnering with companies whose annual travel spend is between £5m- £50k. The companies we work with are as diverse as business itself and includes a number of well known global brands and .

Despite our size and strength in the market place, TMG essentially remains a compact, tightly run, entrepreneurial company with an informal management style.

Our remarkable success can be explained in part by our cast-iron policy of offering forward completely impartial, well-researched advice to travellers placing the interests of customers first, every time. This means securing the best possible value without compromising quality, service or convenience.

From an operational point of view all TMG business travel staff are trained to deliver top quality travel solutions at the lowest possible cost. Travel Management's business travel account executives operate in small teams to offer each client a personal service. Regular review meetings with key personnel ensures good communication across each account at all levels.

You can find a quick summary of the benefits we provide to businesses both big and small by clicking here- - or by getting in touch with us directly.

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Ian has been with TMG since 1996 and has spent his career in business travel operations and account management. As a fully qualified travel professional Ian is tasked with ensuring that our customers are always getting maximum benefit from the services that TMG can offer.


Dave joined TMG in 1995 and during that time has been responsible for creating one of the UK's most respected business travel companies. Despite his success, and seat on the TMG Board of Directors, Dave remains an accessible 'hands-on' member of TMG's corporate travel management team to ensure that clients are always guaranteed the highest levels of customer service.


The corporate travel teams throughout TMG are organised to make sure that our consultants can stay as close as possible to clients in order to provide a truly personalised service. Working in small groups enables us to get to know customers on a day to day level and ensures a level of continuity that most other companies cannot match.

All of the team members at TMG are fully qualified business travel professionals who are actively involved in regular client review meetings. We believe this closeness helps to get a much better understanding of our customers needs and helps us to drive down the cost of their travel budgets while maintaining the level of quality service you would expect from one of the UK's most successful independent travel companies.

TMG Corporate is an operating division of, of the UK's leading independent travel management companies.

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