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International business Travel Etiquette

International Business Etiquette TipsYour Business Will Appreciate

Tie on shirtEach culture has its own etiquette rules, many of them unwritten. Business dinner etiquette, dress etiquette, gift giving etiquette, and so on varies greatly between countries and different cultures.

Knowing how to behave in variety of business situations will help build productive business relationships. Good business relationships result in better business outcome.

Anyone working on the international stage needs to understand and appreciate the importance of international business etiquette.

Become Familiar With The Local Customs

You might remember the HSBC advertising campaign “The world's local bank”... where they emphasize the importance of knowing the local customs as the same object or gesture can have very different meaning in different countries or cultures. The message is clear - never underestimate the importance of local knowledge.

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Glass of water, coffee cup and papers on a business meeting tableIf you are travelling internationally on business, you should always familiarize yourself beforehand with the local customs of your destination.

It cannot only save you from embarrassment, your foreign business partners are likely to appreciate your effort resulting in more productive business relationships.

There are many ways for you to find out about the local customs. The internet is of course a great source of international business etiquette information but if you have local colleagues or business partners, you could seek their advice. The local people always have the best local knowledge.

Business Dress Etiquette

Where business dress etiquette is concerned, the keyword is always conservative. When travelling on business you should always dress conservatively, no matter which country you are doing business in. However, you will need to take extra measures if travelling to some countries / cultures.

Always make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free and pay close attention to personal hygiene and grooming.

Conservative Attire Is Best
When Travelling On Business

For business men, conservative business suit is acceptable in most, if not all, cultures. Darker colors are popular choice and you should wear a formal tie (i.e. “fun” ties should be avoided on business trips).

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