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Business Tourism Presentation

Annual Tourism Presentation: industry in good health

Laura Esquivel, Director of Tourism

“The development of national connectivity. The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan identifies some constraints to tourism development as being poor level of accessibility by land and air. It goes on further to say that further input from the tourism sector should be allowed in terms of accessibility and transportation infrastructures. While the B.T.B. is not an implementer, we can be the conduit and lobby via the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for the creation of the ministerial council which is spoken about in our master plan and then through that lobby for our access to our destinations, improved infrastructure and of course improvements at all of our arrival sites.”

According to Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, in line with what has been identified by the Director of Tourism, government has secured outside funding for initiatives dealing with infrastructure development locally.

Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism

“The ministry is also in the process of negotiating other cooperation agreements to support the development of tourism infrastructure with key international partners. Just this week, in fact, the ministry was successful in securing an eleven million dollar project through the Taiwan International Cooperation Development Fund for the upgrading of the House of Culture and the preservation of other historical buildings in Belize City. Four million is being discussed with BRDP to look at other community-based tourism initiatives for both northern and southern Belize.”

But while works are in progress to further improve the industry, there are significant developments to report on within the business.

Manuel Heredia Jr.

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