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Travel Statistics Month 12

Taking photos in Krabi

Travel Statistics Month 12

The last month – On September 25th we landed back in the UK, so that is it for our around the world trip. BUT do not fear I will still be blogging and bringing you new adventures. For now here is the roundup of the last two weeks travelling and the following two and a half weeks at home, the twelfth month of our trip.

Flights taken: 2 – Phuket to Singapore and Singapore to London
Km’s Travelled: 11, 810

Buses taken: 1 – Krabi to Phuket
Km’s Travelled: 181

Boats taken: 1 – Ko Phi Phi to Krabi plus countless longtail rides

Photos taken: 1792 – plus the images taken on my IPhone/IPad

Hanging out in the Infinity PoolCountries Visited: Thailand, Singapore, UK
Places visited: Ko Phi Phi Don, Ko Phi Phi Leh, Krabi, Phuket – Patong Beach, Singapore, New Forest, Glasgow, Brighton

Total Amount spent: 1.81 – Whilst still abroad (13 days)
Break Down Of Money: Thailand $251.71 over 8 days = $31.46 per a day
Singapore $470.10 over 5 days = $94.02 per a day – This includes a night’s stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel which was 7.50 each.

Patong BeachSince being back in the UK I have spent 53 this includes buying a new iphone, deposit for a flat, phone bill, lots and lots of petrol, Taylor Swift tickets and just other general things.

Needless to say it has been a VERY expensive month

This Month

Month 12 has flown by in a flash, we started off in the paradise island of Ko Phi Phi and it ended with being back home at our parents houses’. For me it was back to the lovely New Forest in the south of England, autumn is in full swing and the forest looks beautiful. It was a warm welcome home but let’s not get bogged down with that, before we arrived home we had the best two weeks of our travels!

The month started with one too many buckets and a trip to Ko Phi Phi Leh where the beach was filmed. The boat ride and my hangover didn’t mix so when they told us we had to jump in to the open water and swim to the rope swing, instead of doing my usual and panicking – I was first off the boat! Maya Bay is beautiful, white sand and turquoise sea but it wasn’t the busy tourist trap I was excepting. With only a few boats in the bay and less than a 100 people on the beach it was a welcome sight.

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