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Best Hotels for Business Travel: home away from

Best Hotels for Business Travel: home away from home for Executives

Business travel is an essential part of growing companies and those that are well established. World is becoming a global village and so the deals and decisions made in one corner of the world impact those living in the other corner. Companies are so wide spread that the head offices can be in New York or London while the assembly and manufacture can be in China.

This new integrated way of business handling makes travel extremely important for the executives. If you too are a part of this on a go life then you must always be on search of comfort of home away from home. Let us guide you through some of the best hotel facilities around the world that will provide you great comfort when you travel to different destinations to meet your job requirements.

St. Regis Atlanta:

St. Regis Atlanta is ranked number 1 hotel for business travel because it meets the needs of business executives in the best and finest possible way. The hotel scores a 99.0 on the Business Facilities Score. Visitors rank it as an amazing facility and rate the quality of service as excellent. The hotel is located in the Buckhead neighborhood, Atlanta. The hotel is a 26 story building, and the place of the hotel is wonderful. You can access shopping centers, galleries and restaurants very easily as they are nearby.

XV Beacon:

XV Beacon achieves a score of 97.9 in the Business Facility Score. Located in the heart of Boston, this hotel facility allows business travelers excellent comfort and convenience. The place is very peaceful and allows you a serene retreat away from the hustle bustle of the busy Boston. The hotel offers complementary shuttle service in many parts of the city. Along with that the staff is committed and goes to great lengths and efforts to make the stay of the guest very comfortable and amazing.

The Kimberly:

The Kimberly gets a score of 97.7 on the Business Facility Score. This amazing hotel facility is located at a short walk from the Rockefeller Central and Fifth Avenue. The hotel has big and spacious rooms. The bar facility is amazing, and the staff is very cooperative. The visitors give remarkable comments about the service quality and commitment of the hotel to the comfort of their guests.

Old Edwards Inn and Spa:

Old Edwards Inn and Spa scores 97.1 in Business Facility Score. The location of this hotel facility is wonderful located on the main street towards the southwest of Asheville. The hotel is made into the European style and depicts perfect understated elegance. With excellent vine seller and spa facilities, the hotel allows its guest to enjoy their stay to the fullest.

If you are on a business trip in these areas then give these amazing hotels a try because they will allow you a retreat where you can relax and enjoy your stay. These hotels will provide you with the much needed comfort that is essential for the peace of your mind as you decide on your business matters.

Beenish is a lover of nature, indulged traveller, avid reader and aspiring economist. Exploring new people, places and cultures intrigue her and above all it is about the new challenges and experiences which help her drive forward everyday.

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