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American Express elevates business travel with TripCase, AX Connect apps

American Express Global Business travelers will now be able to mobilize their travels with the mobile applications TripCase and AX Connect.

TripCase, a mobile travel app by global travel technology company Sabre, will be integrating American Express corporate benefits and flight information. This move is a part of American Express’s larger mobile strategy for business travelers, which also includes a new AX Connect app that helps travelers communicate with travel managers.

“We see mobile as something really critical, the expectations and the behaviors of business travelers that are on the go is mobile, ” said Nicolas Buc, vice president of new product development at American Express, New York.

“We want to make sure we have a good way of reaching them and establishing a dialogue with travelers on the go, ” he said. “We’ve been very happy to announce this collaboration with TripCase because through this collaboration we can improve the traveler experience and provide contextually-relevant information during the trip.”

“TripCase is known to users, and it’s important for us to reach out to users where they are and providing them and enriching their experience with the tools that they are using.”

Real-time flight updates
Now that American Express has integrated with TripCase, clients can sync their travel itineraries with the app and receive real-time flight updates throughout their travels.

For example, if a platinum cardholder lands in the Chicago airport, the TripCase app will notify him or her of the nearest airport lounge that is accessible with a platinum card.

The benefits a traveler can get

Additionally, if there are any last-minute changes during travel, such as gate changes, delays and cancellations, TripCase will alert users and offer the option of calling an American Express Business Travel expert with one click.

According to an Ipsos survey, 70 percent of travelers said that mobile alerts were a “must have, ” and 73 percent said that they would use travel notifications with click-to-call functionality.

With this information in hand, American Express realized that integrating with TripCase was a necessary move.

“It’s all about delivering relevant messages at the right point in a traveler’s trip, ” Mr. Pinnell said. “You want to know about an offer at the time that you can use it.”

A screenshot of the app

Mobile travels
As a part of American Express’s mobile initiatives, the company is also updating its duty of care solution AX Connect. The product already offered SMS notifications, but it will now be offered as an app.

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