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Pacific Rim Education Program (PRIME)

Planning and Observer Travel

PRIME (Pacific Rim Education) is a required experiential learning program for 200+ first-year Marshall MBA students that is comprised of an eight-week-long course (GSBA 580), culminating with a field study trip to Pacific Rim destinations. In 2010, the six destinations were: Hong Kong/Shenzhen, Bangkok/Hanoi, Beijing/Shanghai, Moscow, Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires, and Tokyo.

PRIME improves awareness and understanding of economic, institutional, and cultural issues pertinent to business, markets, policies, and trade in Asia and Latin America. PRIME includes the following components:

  1. research projects for sponsoring firms and organizations located around the Pacific Rim,
  2. faculty teams comprising of Marshall School professors, professors from international partner universities, and international business practitioners,
  3. required international trips to the Asian and Latin American cities where the sponsoring firms are located,
  4. eight pre-trip class sessions, specific to the culture and local business practices of the destinations.

PRIME facilitates the development of cross-cultural capabilities among students and faculty. This project is designed to assist MBA students and faculty prepare for the opportunities and challenges of the global marketplace. PRIME enables students to develop technical competence in international business issues by providing an in-country, experiential-learning opportunity for students in the context of country-specific business practices around the Pacific Rim. In addition, the research projects require students to integrate the functional business skills they have developed in their first year of coursework.

CIBER funds are used to finance a combination of faculty planning trips (before the PRIME visit) and junior faculty observers to accompany some of the PRIME study groups. The purpose is to ensure quality preparation for the PRIME visit and enable junior faculty to begin building relationships with Asian and Latin America, in order to create future opportunities for international teaching and research collaboration. CIBER funds will be used to support faculty planning trips and junior faculty observers to accompany some of the PRIME study groups.

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