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The city center panoramaLviv is kind of created for poets, artists, musicians and tourists admirers of the beautiful, for the city itself is like a legend, like a song. Lviv is a city of the time-honored history, versatile culture, high art, well-developed science, education, sports, industry, as well as a city of open and industrious people. Architectural monuments and archeological relics, museums and galleries, theaters and concert halls, national traditions and rites, business activities and convenient communications all this makes Lviv a tourist center. The city with unique monuments, located in the region of rare pure ecologic climate conditions, claims to be awarded the status of the tourist world center. Despite the 20th century cataclysms, Lviv cultu ral, historic and spiritual heritage has preserved much better than in any other regions of Ukraine.Lviv airport It is not only to be saved for future generations, but to be used as a significant tourist resource as well. It is in Lviv where you can participate in the revived traditions of generations and experience the feeling of integrity and common thinking with them. This is Lvivs peculiarity enticing tourists. The culture of the past and present against the background of the authentic architectural ensemble shape the tourist product Lviv can offer. Tourism in Lviv is an unmatched network of possibilities. The place of Lviv in the world tourist process stands out with cultural and cognitive, business, religious, sentimental, scientific tourism, along with tourism for sports and recreation. Amiable and open-hearted hosts welcome anyone eager to have a rest and get to learn this beautiful and unique city closer.

Adam Mickewiecz Square The Lviv Palace of Arts
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