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Best economy seat on a Qantas 747

Qantas 747 economy seat layout (config 1)Upcoming economy class trip on a Qantas 747? These aircraft feature on medium- to long-range sectors to LA, Dallas Fort-Worth, Narita, Singapore and Johannesburg, and we can help you when it comes to selecting the best economy seat.

Qantas maintain three different configurations for their 747-400 aircraft, however there are some similarities between them that cause the same seats to generally be in the same places. Here are the three layouts available as of November 2013 (click to see larger):

Config 3: 3 aircraft, 275 economy seats

Whilst exit row seats always offer substantial legroom, they’re often snapped up well ahead of time and have their own downsides:

  • The are expensive to book unless you are an ultra-high status frequent flyer
  • They tend to become a gymnasium/walking track for people stretching out
  • Not having a leg rest or anything to prop yourself up on, you tend to slide down the seat when you sleep
  • Seats near the doors on all aircraft can get very cold

Otherwise the best seat will depend on whether you are on a day flight, or whether you plan to get some sleep on an overnight flight (particularly the red-eyes from Singapore to Australia).

For day flights

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Row 40 mini-cabin on config 2

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