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Documents needed for International business Travel

How to Easily Manage Your International Travel Documents

passport-CIBTInternational travel can be a grand adventure, all right. But managing all the required documents and visas can make even the most seasoned business traveler feel out of their element. Visa guidelines are often buried somewhere and can be easily forgotten – rush orders are pricey and stir-up unnecessary stress for everyone involved. Enter the new Concur App Center integration from CIBT.

When you sign up to use CIBT’s services integrated with Concur they’ll notify your employees proactively when they book travel plans which require travel documents. They can even do all of the embassy run-around for your employees.

Simplify Your International Document Management

As the global leader in Visa and Passport services, CIBT secures visas and other travel documents for travelers going anywhere in the world – including popular destinations such as China, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. Concur has teamed up with CIBT to provide a corporate Visa Alert service. Now, Concur customers using the CIBT app won’t have to worry about your travelers arriving at check-in without the right documents or doing them on their own.

How It Works

After international travel is booked through Concur:

  • The trip data is sent to CIBT’s database to determine visa and passport requirements
  • A travel document notification email is sent to the traveler with instructions on how to get visa and passport application forms
  • Travelers receive a Visa and Passport Application Kits that include step-by-step instructions and government forms
  • CIBT specialists personally deliver your documents to the embassy so you never have to wait in line

In addition to easing the hassles of overseas trips, the app from CIBT helps travel managers and account administrators monitor which travelers have applied for their travel documents. This way, they can follow up with travelers as necessary to ensure that they have the proper documents and their trip isn’t at risk.

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