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Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB) Autumn Update

I love the Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB), not only because it is the 6th highest ranked international business program amongst public schools in the nation, but because it is additionally moving toward becoming a more social club. The combination of cultural and educational insight was exactly what I was looking for when I moved here to attend the UW from the Kingdom of Bahrain in Fall Quarter of 2008.

CISB offers students a community that has a passion for international business and travel in the Foster School. We gain access to international internships, consulting courses, and a network of skilled alumni and mentors. The program is aimed to mold each business student into a capable and internationally equipped businessman/woman who will be able to work wherever he/she pleases.

The new school year entailed a new student executive board, of which each member was extremely excited to serve for this program. Each and every student selected was passionate about improving the program both socially and educationally, by continuing to challenge CISB students. The executive board that I serve on works well because we all believe that, to be truly competitive in the business field, one must be internationally prepared in all aspects.

Fall Quarter Featured Events:

International Business Career Panel - We were excited to have directors, managers, and trade specialists from companies such as Starbucks, REI, JP Morgan Chase, Bryant Christie, and Expeditors International at this event. They offered some insight on international business career paths along with personal stories of how they got to be so successful.

Pub Crawl - This was the event I worked on this quarter as the VP of marketing. It was a great night where students (21+) were able to socialize off campus and build more informal relationships with one another. It’s all about networking! CISB’s first ever pub crawl would not have been as successful without A Pizza Mart’s sponsorship.

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