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Are Tourism Websites Suffering at The Expense of Time Spent on Social Media?

Tourism MarketingIf you are marketing your tourism business or destination on Facebook, you may have seen a drop in your organic reach in the past few months. And now, it is official. Facebook is acknowledging this is a deliberate move as part of its revenue generating strategy by making businesses pay more for fans, exposure to fans and the opportunity to engage with fans.

As a result, less than 4% of fans are now likely to see your organic posts unless you are willing to pay. It was of course, not always like this, and many tourism businesses and destinations have built beautiful, inspirational Facebook business pages and connections with customers over many years. What many in the industry did not understand is that we were effectively acting as a tenant on rented space not a freeholder – the landlord could come along at anytime and increase the rent or start charging you for amenities. And if you can’t afford the increase, you might have to move out, use less space or have fewer amenities.

The case for building your own tourism marketing assets is more important than ever.

At the Content Marketing World conference in Sydney last week Facebook was a dirty word with a hot discussion centred the business Implications.

groovy seniors on beachJesse Desjardins, Social Media and Advocacy Manager at Tourism Australia (and one of the 10 most influential people in tourism) asked the question – have we been focusing our efforts on social media at the expense of tourism websites in Australia? I believe the answer is a resounding yes.

No one will argue with me when I say that the majority of tourism businesses, regions and destinations are time poor and probably also cash poor when it comes to marketing budgets. Hence the attraction of social media. The entry costs were low and impact high. In particular, Facebook and other social media platforms have been good for the tourism industry. It provided an easy and quick way to create an online presence for many in the tourism industry.

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