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Best luggage for International business Travel

Tom Bihn Aeronaut: Best Luggage Ever

Tom Bihn AeronautThe Aeronaut is specifically designed to be the largest carry-on size allowed by most airlines: 22″ x 14″ x 9″ (555 x 355 x 230 mm). This means I can pack till it bursts and still be reasonably confident that I won’t get the stink eye from a flight attendant. I haven’t checked a bag since 2007. No worrying about thieves or whether my valuables will make it in one piece – my bag never leaves my sight and no one touches it but me.

I Can See Everything

Unlike traditional backpacks, the Aeronaut opens from it’s side like rolling luggage. I never have to dig for the shoes I packed in the bottom because it’s all right there. It’s also really hard to lose stuff because the lining comes in a series of bright colors (mine’s neon yellow!). This is a godsend for those of us who tend to lose little things like hair ties and plug adaptors.

Tom Bihn AeronautI Don’t Look Like A Backpacker

No offense to my large-backpack toting friends, but it’s generally hard to blend in if you’re carrying a bright orange bag as big as a ten year old. With my Aeronaut, I could be a business traveler sprinting for a train in King’s Cross station or a jet setting fashionista on her way to Singapore (I might need better clothes to pull this off, though). I love that I don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The bag is also convertible, so if you like you can have a duffel bag or a shoulder bag, but the backpack is the most comfortable and practical form it takes.

It Can Hold Everything

Two side pockets, a top flap pocket and a zipper pocket on the edge don’t sound like a lot, but this bag holds everything I could possibly need while I travel. Three pairs of shoes, a laptop, tons of clothes and all the girly toiletries I need fit in one carry on. The design is fantastic – from the useful grab handles on each end to the water-repellant zippers and zip-away straps, the people at Tom Bihn thought of everything.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut Tom Bihn Aeronaut

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